Rihanna accused of photoshopping Instagram over ‘extra thumb’

Rihanna has been accused of a photoshop fail after she posted a picture of herself sporting what appears to be two thumbs on one hand.

The Diamonds singer, 29, shared a snap of herself in full carnival get-up from Crop Over Festival’s Kadoonment Parade in Barbados , but eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice her suspect hand.

One Instagram user posted: “Has anyone not noticed those two nails on her thumb ? Is that photoshop? Or what.”

Another asked: “Two thumbnails on the right hand ??”

A third wrote: “Photoshop alarm .. but you slayyy.”

But others were quick to defend the Barbadian singer, with one explaining that the “extra thumb” was actually a blue band underneath her hand.

They posted: “It’s not a nail people so chill. It’s a blue bands edge. You can see pink and blue bands sticking out under her hands on the left too, same ones.

“If you look close you see a hint of a pink bands edge right next to ‘nail’ too. The angle and the light is also way off to be a nail duplicate.”

The image also caught the attention of Rihanna’s ex, Chris Brown who couldn’t resist commenting on the picture.

The Party singer posted an ogling eyes emoji – but it didn’t sit well with Rihanna’s fans.

One posted “What the f*** iz wrong with you Chris? (sic).”

Another commented: “Please keep your negative energy away from Rihanna @ChrisBrownOfficial.”


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