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EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton’s Full Naked Statue Pops Up In New York

NEW YORK CITY — A group of people believed to be supporters of Donald Trump have come up with a naked statue of

Hillary Clinton, a fully naked statue I mean.

Though the statue has not yet been erected, it is expected to be found in the streets of New York City where all

members of the group are resident.They denied the fact that the statue of the Democratic Party nominee is a means

of responding to a nude statue of Donald Trump that was erected in a street. “No, no , no, we had plans of doing

our own thing. It has nothing to do with what has previously happened” – a member in the group responded.

“The erection of this statue may be of a big concern of Hillary as the statue portrays her completely naked” – A

fan of Hillary who happened to have a look of the statue said.

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