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BREAKING: Former president Jacob Zuma in hospital after attempted suicide

South African former President Jacob Zuma is under heavy security after his personal aides found him committing suicide at his Kandla residence on Tuesday, the police confirmed.

A police statement said Zuma used a towel to try to kill himself on Tuesday afternoon in a bathroom at his residence in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal.

It did not elaborate on how the towel was used.

Without commenting on any injuries Zuma may have suffered, the statement said he was in stable condition at the Nkandla Hospital.

According to the statement, a psychologist has been invited to see him at the hospital.

The statement quoted Zuma as saying that he tried to take his own life to protest against his corruption claims, part of which was based on his use of a special presidential fund for his selfish gains.

The team of prosecutors that studied Zuma’s representations submitted a memorandum to the national director on Friday.

Last year, the Supreme Court of Appeal set aside the nearly decade-old decision to halt the case against the former president.

A total of 783 financial transactions involving Zuma make up the 18 charges, including fraud and corruption, to be prepared in an indictment.

In a letter to Casac, the State attorney’s office says Abrahams has made a decision in relation to Zuma.

It says Abrahams will communicate this decision to Zuma’s lawyers, and other interested parties and the public after the lapse of a two week notice period which is set for 15 March.

The National Director of Public Prosecutions made the undertaking to Casac, to give the lobby group two weeks lead time on his decision so it could approach the courts if necessary.

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