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Bouncer stabbed to death in Cape Town underworld club security battle

Cape Town – A man has been killed and a second person wounded in Green Point, Cape Town, in what sources say was a fight linked to an ongoing nightclub security turf battle.

It is understood the incident happened in the early hours of Sunday very close to a popular entertainment venue in Somerset Road.

Several sources with close knowledge of what happened have told News24 the fight broke out between two groups of men and a bouncer was fatally stabbed, while a second was badly injured.

Sources have also said there was a skirmish relating to the bouncer matter at a venue in Long Street in the early hours of Saturday.

Mike Alomba, chairperson of the local Congolese community, confirmed to News24 on Sunday that a Congolese bouncer was murdered. He said a group, which included a Congolese musician and which was linked to a club in Long Street, had gone to the establishment in Green Point where the fight broke out.

Representatives of the Congolese community living in Cape Town were planning to meet about the incident.

Police did not immediately respond to a News24 query on the matter.

The killing on Sunday is the third linked to the nightclub security battle in less than three months.

Earlier this year a new grouping headed by controversial businessman Nafiz Modack started taking control of nightclub security in Cape Town from a more established grouping.

This sparked several violent incidents and shootings.

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On October 14, Nicole Muller, a 30-year-old mother of two, was killed in a shooting in Stellenbosch nightclub Cubana.

Donovan Jacobs, who sources identified to News24 as a 28s gang member, was also killed in the Cubana shooting, while a third person was wounded.

In another incident on May 4, two people were wounded just outside an establishment in Loop Street.

On April 17, two men were wounded in a shooting in Café Caprice in Camps Bay.

In the Cape Town Regional Court last week, Sergeant Edward Edwardes, a police officer investigating underworld activities, testified about how volatile the bouncer situation is. He was in court for a bail application relating to a security company which is providing a service to many establishments in Cape Town.

He testified that private security regulator inspectors feared they would be targeted and killed if they spoke out against certain companies involved in nightclub operations.

The case Edwardes was testifying in is against Grant Veroni, director of Bellville-based company Skhosana Maponyane Hall Phillips and Khumalo, trading as The Security Group (TSG).

He faces two charges relating to the alleged possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

Edwardes last week testified that TSG is linked to Modack, suspected Sexy Boys gang boss Jerome “Donkie” Booysen and his brother Colin Booysen.

Edwardes had also testified about another of TSG’s directors, Hussain Ait Taleb.

Taleb, a martial arts expert better known in bouncer circles as Hussain Moroccan, faced a conspiracy to commit murder charge for allegedly contracting two individuals to kill a club owner.

Edwardes said the club owner had refused to pay Taleb for protection and was therefore targeted.


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