80-year-old man dies after reportedly waiting nearly 30 hours to be treated

An 80-year-old British man died in hospital after allegedly waiting 23 hours for an ambulance and another seven hours stuck outside the hospital, his son claims.

Darren Williams (48) said he called the ambulance on Tuesday last week after his elderly father John, had fallen and hit his head at home.

Darren said his father was on the kitchen floor for 11 hours after falling and he didn’t have his medication for 36 hours, ITV news reported.

John allegedly spent 23 hours waiting for an ambulance to arrive and then spent an additional seven hours stuck outside Morriston Hospital in Swansea, southern Wales. John died in hospital a few days later.

“I can’t help thinking that all this has contributed to my father’s passing,” Darren told Metro UK.

“What should have happened in my view is a rapid-response paramedic should have been with my dad within 40 minutes to an hour.”

Darren said he then should’ve been assessed on the kitchen floor and the paramedics could’ve made the call from there.

“He might still be with us. It’s just unbelievable.”

Welsh ambulance service spokesperson Claire Bevan told Wales Online that the incident will be thoroughly investigated.

“We would like to extend our sincere condolences to Mr Williams’ family at this very sad and difficult time.

“We want to ensure a full investigation is carried out into the wait that Mr Williams experienced and we will be communicating with Mr Williams’ family.”

Darren said although he knew his father was old, he hadn’t expected this to happen.

“I knew he was 80, but I expected him to come home this week. The night before he died I was helping him to have his food. I didn’t expect it.

“The next morning, he was gone. I’m a little bit raw,” he added.

“I can’t help feeling bitter towards the [National Healthcare] system.”

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